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Are you......?

  • Breathless but the doctor can't tell you why?

  • Stressed or anxious?

  • Exhausted but can't sleep?

  • Headaches / foggy headed / dizzy?

  • Getting chest pain but your heart has been checked out as ok?

  • Stuffy blocked nose but nothing helps?

  • Can't get fitter no matter how much you train?

  • Stomach upsets - IBS? Bloated?

  • Yawning, sighing, can't get a decent breath?

  • Coughing but everyone tells you there is no cause for it?

  • Have asthma but using your inhaler more than twice a week?

  • Have a lung condition that makes you bring up phlegm?

  • Have a lung condition that makes you breathless?

Do you want to know more about how your breathing affects you and how you can improve it?

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Catherine George

The Lung Mechanic

Over the last 20 years I have worked in Australia, England and New Zealand as a physiotherapist with children, youth and adults, assessing, treating and encouraging self management of breathing (respiratory) conditions.

I work closely with Canterbury Private Respiratory Specialists.

BPhty, NZRP, MPNZ, member of PNZ cardiorespiratory and mental health specialist interest groups and a member of TSANZ

Certificate of Proficiency in Breathing, Performance and Rehabilitation (AUT)

Bradcliff method certified . ACC registered.

Out of work I am a busy mum of 4 children and a Jack Russell, a representative on the school board of trustees and enjoy dragon boating. I also gained my ATCL in speech and drama (a long time ago.....).

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Check out my editorials in Metropol magazine

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