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Catherine George Physiotherapy

I Can Help With:

Asthma, Stress and Anxiety, Improving Sports Performance, Idiopathic Chronic Cough, Vocal Performance,
Secretion Clearance, Strategies To Reduce Breathlessness, Rehabilitation For people With Lung Disease.

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  • Frequent sighing, yawning, sniffing, throat clearing or coughing?

  • Feeling breathless even after only a little bit of exercise?

  • Difficulty coordinating breathing and talking and or eating?

  • Breathless when anxious or upset

  • Pins and needles in hands, arms, around mouth?

  • Heart Palpitations?

  • Feeling permanently exhausted and unable to concentrate for no reason?

  • Throat symptoms?

  • Muscle aches and tension around the neck, shoulder, jaw?

  • Bloated feeling in the stomach?

  • Light headed or cloudy head?

  • Mouth Breathing?

  • Blocked nose?


Catherine George

Respiratory physiotherapists help people with lung conditions like asthma, bronchiectasis, COPD (emphysema, chronic bronchitis), restrictive lung disease and others.

Education, breathing exercises to clear phlegm, improving fitness and strategies to deal with breathlessness are a few of the things I can help with.

Stress, anxiety and chronic pain can also be significantly reduced by retraining the way you breathe.  Normal relaxed breathing encourages the parasympathetic nervous system which tells the body it is calm and able to heal.

Breathing well improves asthma symptoms and reduces chronic cough that has no medical cause.

Effective breathing enhances sports performance as the body is able to have a better uptake and release of oxygen. The result being able to go further and  faster with less muscle fatigue and shorter recovery time.

Over the last fifteen+ years I have worked in Australia, England and New Zealand.


Contact Me

c/- Motus Rangiora 215 King Street Rangiora 7400
c/- South Island Respiratory Specialists First Floor, Milford Chambers 249 Papanui Road Christchurch 8014

Mobile 0210 2239 746

Fax. 03 6671 676

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