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Long Covid

We've been pretty lucky in NZ to have so far missed out on a surge of Covid.  This does not remove the fact however that those who have had it (they could have caught it over seas then come to NZ after the fact) are at risk of getting what is being called 'Long Covid".  The people with this diagnoses tend to be younger, fitter and healthier before they got sick and often only had a mild dose. Almost 1 in 10 people who get Covid can have symptoms >12 weeks after their infection.

Long Covid is complex and has many systems involved causing a large variety of symptoms, ranging from breathlessness, severe fatigue, heart rate and blood pressure issues (dysautonomia), anxiety, gastric upsets, muscle aches and poor concentration, to name just a few.

Post viral similar syndromes aren't new but you have to understand that

just getting on with it and trying to gradually increase exercise does not necessarily work with this group and can make symptoms worse.

Evidence is showing that this population often have associated breathing pattern disorders, diaphragm weakness, chronic cough and fatigue that needs to be managed through pacing strategies.

The Lung Mechanic can help you navigate through the rehabilitation process, giving you more control over your symptoms and confidence to get back to improved function